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In which I am a spoiled nerd, and my icon is relevant.

I never know what to say to people.

I miss the Sinnoh Underground. I'm very disappointed in HeartGold and SoulSilver for lacking the Sinnoh Underground, even if the Safari Zone is an exercise in landscaping. (Or possibly (ex?)terior decorating.) This is kind of silly of me given that I found the Underground mildly infuriating, but c'est la vie. It's certainly more fun than using Rock Smash five and a half thousand times to get an Old Amber, Dome/Helix Fossil, and Skull/Shield Fossil, not that I'd complain about items being available from Rock Smash fuck yeah. More accurately, I wouldn't complain if I could find a damn Heart Scale.

I want to go back into fossil collecting at some point. I miss being more of a geology/paleontology nerd. On the plus side, I still have my lizard, shrimp, fish, snails, and many, many trilobites....1 I've also stared longingly at that bird fossil the man with the 8' amethyst geode keeps trying to sell, but 10k is a lot. Even if it's a very good bird fossil. ... ; ; (Don't ever get into a rock hobby. It's not a good plan.)

At the very least, whenever I stop boycotting New Jersey, I should go to that mine where they sell fluorescent rocks. I've already got the light setup (though I don't have the full short/middle/long-wave set; I think I only have long-wave lights) and some decent-sized pieces that glow light green, light blue, purple, and pink. I should really relearn what's what.... (That's what ID cards are for, I guess!)

Semi-relatedly, I should try to get a decent sample of this mineral. Maybe I could get a pendant of it... or an anklet. Something I'd be unlikely to lose, at any rate; it's rather expensive.

1 The only singular item in that list is "lizard". Also, yeah, it's a lizard, not a dinosaur; I believe it's probably about five million years old? Recent history, anyway.
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