surskitty (surskitty) wrote,

It's a bit impressive how much cleaner my lineart looks after I found out that you can adjust brush spacing in GIMP. (Open up the Brushes dialogue -- it's in Windows, or you could hit shift + ctrl + b, apparently, and find "Spacing" on the bottom. I think 5.0 looks best; default for most brushes is 20.0)

A dragon (originally for Shadowater), lame Zexion, Volkner
Hummingbird, a guy, a flower
Two guys (I haven't figured out who these're supposed to be yet, so)
... Probably a heron, though something's off there.
Action pose get!
BONUS: I kind of hate this pose but I had fun drawing it.

I've always hated it when birds in media are just generic birds. Like that red-tailed hawk screech that's used everywhere, or the Indistinct Yellow Bird (see also: Tweety, Woodstock, Hibird, Prussia's bird), or how apparently all birds are robins.... I kind of hate it whenever I can't label something I draw as a particular species, but at least that's more because I suck than because I don't *care*.
Tags: i could fix this but idc, look i improved: no sage!, tags i never use, will draw for $$$
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