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SO! opaltiger decided a while ago that after exams, he would ADVENTURE TO THE US. And so he has been staying at my house because obviously the greater DC-Baltimore metropolitan area is the best part of the US ever. Though at the moment he is mysteriously absent and he will teleport back to my house innnnnn ... a bit.

We met up with eevee and purplekecleon to get hibachi a few days ago~! I ate sushi instead. They are very lame and apparently not big on fish. How strange. OH WELL meeting them was awesome and also we played Munchkin.

SO OPAL AND I WERE TALKING ABOUT SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL because it is a wonderful game to play when people are hoboing at your house. Its gender ratio, it is not good. (Three playable girls (Samus, Zelda, Peach), a fourth girl who you usually don't play as (Nana), one unidentified who reads as female (Jigglypuff), out of 35 + 3 Pokémon + 1 other Ice Climber = 39 characters. THAT IS NOT GOOD particularly since every one of the girls was also in Melee.)

So then we were discussing CHARACTER SUBSTITUTIONS. Who would you add?

Our list was:
  • Midna (over Toon Link or Ganondorf; Ganondorf is still a slower version of Captain Falcon. They should make him sort of like Pokémon Trainer >:();
  • Blue (as in the girl, over Red as the Pokémon Trainer);
  • some girl from Mother or another since we don't know the series very well (there's Ness and Lucas you don't really need both);
  • Lyn or Eirika (over Marth or Ike? I don't know Lyn very well at all, but I'm pretty sure Eirika would play completely differently than Marth or Ike. She'd be fast as hell.);
  • Krystal (over Wolf? Why are there so many Fox clones?)

Who're we missing?

At least every girl in the Super Smash Bros series is freaking awesome. Zelda is one of the best characters ♥ though I think she gets (Toon) Link's stupid final smash? Sigh. Also, fuck yeah Peach's turnips. I love those turnips. Also, TURNIPS.
Tags: [series] super smash bros, feminism?! in my video games?, help i'm being oppressed
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