surskitty (surskitty) wrote,

The joys and woes of TECHNOLOGY

I got a netbook! This one, to be precise. It looks -- pretty decent, and it's cheap, and it supposedly doesn't come with an operating system. (It has some mini-OS that basically lets it function like an iPhone at best. ... I didn't leave it on it.)

I installed ubuntu on it! And immediately started having to fight with it. First it was acting like a jerk in regards to acknowledging my wireless router! Then I tried restarting it! It acted like a jerk in regards to restarting! I checked the ubuntu website! I followed their instructions for it acting like a jerk shortly after install! It stopped acting as much like a jerk! I checked to see if it acknowledged my router! It didn't! I fought with it more!

Now it says my router exists, which is good. It says it can connect, which is good. It is able to steal the desktop's instance of irssi, which is very good. ... Firefox says it can't connect to the internet. I am bored of fighting with it for now.

Maybe I shouldn't have named it watakkoPC. :(

At least it's pretty.
Tags: ... okay then, a point! my one weakness!, an exercise in futility, attention span of a ferret, capslock not included, cupholder not included, dumb surskitty is dumb, i feel like squalo, i'd be a geek if i was cooler, i'm just that awesome, smart surskitty is smart
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