surskitty (surskitty) wrote,

I'm only using this icon because I spent *ages* fixing colours for it

Aaaaand a meme! Icons picked by pen_over_fist~

♥ reply to this post with "___ IS THE MOST AWESOME" and I will pick six of your icons.
♥ make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
♥ other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
♥ this will create a never ending cycle of icon glee.

keywords 'i think the bed exploded' I don't remember what context was, but I know I iconed it because that is not a wrong side of the bed face. THE BED IS GONE every side is the wrong side. :( It is very ... wat.

keywords 'go get yourself a teddy bear', 'they come in pints' IT IS BEL AND MAMMON. And Viper is clearly secretly Omachao in disguise. He floats! He's picked up by people! Throwing him probably is the key to instantly winning boss fights! (That's why he's dead in the future, you see; Xanxus is entirely capable of throwing his magical flying demon illusionist baby through everyone and causing instant death, so they had to off Viper.) Original context was -- the cover for something! A tankouban cover? Something like that. ... Also, I'm not sure why I keyworded with a gratuitous LotR reference.

keywords 'the manxome foe he sought' Zexion is awesome [sage nod]. And I spent enough time on this icon I figured I might as well upload it. ... I don't remember why I quoted Jabberwocky for the keywords.

Keywords 'what is this band camp you speak of'! I love those bits in the tankouban where they post fanart you have no idea. Dokusha no Ajito, Varia no Ajito, Painappou ___, Millefiore something... the fanart is always awful but the title images are hilarious. I'm particularly fond of Ken and Chikusa RANDOMLY CAMPING and this one where Ken is trying to eat a pineapple. But they are all wonderful. Especially the Dokusha no Ajito one where Lambo is a squirrel and Reborn is a Playboy Bunny.

Keywords 'ilu so much'. I've never actually known context (I found the cap on Bulbapedia, I think), but I think it relates to James finding out that Barry fought Gardenia and his cacnea. Or something. I love it anyway, even if I don't know original context. IT'S JAMES. IT'S JAMES BEING AMAZINGLY FAIL. HOW CAN THIS GO WRONG.

SPEAKING OF JAMES BEING AMAZINGLY FAIL. Keywords 'only moltres can save us now!!', 'what the --', and 'you /crushed my dreams/'! This is from one of my favourite episodes ever. IN WHICH THERE IS POKÉMON FORTUNE TELLING AND JAMES DISCOVERS THAT HIS SOUL ANIMAL IS MOLTRES. Which means he finds a moltres costume from who knows where (QUOTE THE DUB: "Dat outfit! Where'd he get it?" "I think it came right out of his closet.") and proclaims things like "I AM THE FLAME THAT BURNS BRIGHTEST!!" and so on. I'd quote more of that episode if I had watched the dub recently, but I haven't and I just have raws at the moment. ... In the original, he yells FIRE!! in English like every fifteen seconds or so. I think sometimes he's saying MOLTRES!! but from what little I get that wouldn't work for all of hit.

BUT ANYWAY that particular cap is from after he finds out that ... he's not actually a moltres after all :'( the whole thing was made up by Butch and Cassidy. And then he is in THE MOST DESPAIR.
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