surskitty (surskitty) wrote,


Yesterday, I stole some sort of shiny stainless steel thingummy from Mikey, who recently got me involved in his spamming of my school's listserv. >_>
I think the shiny came off of a pen, but I don't care. 's mine now.
him: [Floop], look at what I got!
me: shiny! *steal*
him: ....I guess I should have expected that.
me: SHiNY! 's mine now!
him: eh. when will you give it back?
me: give.. it... back?
him: yes.
me: I dunno. when I feel like it? shineehh....
Diana: *walks over* hey.
me: I stole a shiny!
Diana: sweet.
me: SHINY!
Tags: wtf
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