surskitty (surskitty) wrote,

Hm. I should fiddle with watakkoPC sometime soon. At least give /home its own partition; if I recall correctly I wasn't in the mood to actually think about what I was doing which is why I hadn't done that already. Also, I am still making faces at Ubuntu 10.10; watakkoPC's sound has been flaking periodically (not sure if it's just quodlibet but it'll start sounding staticy periodically, usually about twenty minutes after taking it out of hibernation) and Firefox is still handling png colours questionably. I think it keeps losing track of the green channel to some extent: saturation goes up, hue changes slightly, value goes down. I've only seen this with Firefox and flypPC's Firefox install is up to date and colours aren't wonky. I'm pretty sure I have the same extensions on watakkoPC and flypPC, too, and the problem only first showed up after upgrading to 10.10.

Beh. Maybe there is some other distro that is better about not requiring fiddling! >| But probably not. NOTE TO SELF do not upgrade to new version until at least three months after version is released.

I caught up on REBORN! yesterday. This arc is awesome. Well, mostly awesome.

I AM BORED and so I am taking ~SKETCH REQUESTS~ what should I draw
Tags: 90% of art is delegation, [series] katekyo hitman reborn, cupholder not included, sometimes i think it doesn't like me, tsuntsun (deredere not included), will draw for $$$
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