surskitty (surskitty) wrote,

FRIENDS CUT! If I have no idea who you are and I don't watch you for something, I just removed you :'( If I am on your flist and you have no idea who *I* am, either remove me or let me know and we can have an actual, you know, conversation. Or something. I don't know \o/

I feel awesome! I made my first git commit a few days ago~~ ... Okay I know my nerd cred is weak but it makes me feel better :'( :'( :'(

Actually that bit about feeling awesome is a lie. I have been feeling DEPRESSED LATELY but I don't want to talk about it so this segment doesn't exist.
Tags: i think i (am a) rock, i'd be a geek if i was cooler, i'm just that awesome, i'm my biggest fan!, smart surskitty is smart, so cruel~ so cruel~, something about this is super awesome id, stuff nobody cares about
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