surskitty (surskitty) wrote,

Looked up how to use grep today. Knew what it was used for! But hadn't actually used it.

So I've heard that a lot of people -- hello, zhorken and tailsy -- have been watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I was willing to accept that this might be entertaining, but I hadn't realised the depths of this is a good show. I haven't watched past halfway through the first episode but I am already in love. Though apparently Zecora is moderately problematic? I haven't seen her yet.

It's kind of amazing how much it surprises me when something doesn't follow the tropes of 'socially inept geek goes outside, makes friends, gives up geekitude' or 'fashion-obsessed girl is a ditz and also consumer-obsessed' or ... I'm not quite sure what character trope I was expecting Fluttershy to follow, but I do know I can't think of many characters who are very timid and quiet until they find whatever it is they're interested in. And then she is bold! She seems to know exactly what she cares about and as long as that's what the subject is she has her footing.

Also, the dialogue so far sounds very natural.

My mind is blown.

(Hey, elnigma! If you can get a toy from McDonalds of Twilight Sparkle that would be awesome. So far I love everyone except Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie I think I will love to hate.)
Tags: [series] mlp: friendship is magic, a point! my one weakness!, all pernese dragonriders are assholes, bandwagon get, because ___ is made of win, deredere (but where's the tsuntsun?), feminism?! in my video games?, i am so confused, review: only possibly biased, there's a moral to this story, use these powers only for good!
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