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SquareENIX is Evil

Earlier today, I was looking for video games at Toys "R" Us and Best Buy. More accurately, I was checking to see if any of them had Animal Crossing: Wild World and a DS for a decent price(I found a DS for 120, didn't get it as I only want it if I'm also getting AC:WW) However, I just happened to see Final Fantasy XI instead, for somewhere between 60-80 dollars. As I'm sure some of you know, that's on my list of Games I REALLY REALLY Wish Either Didn't Exist or Were Affordable, as it's friggin' expensive to aquire and expensive to be able to continue playing.
As it got thrust in my face so rudely, as I was looking behind the counter to see if they happened to have AC:WW and the Nintendo DS, which they apparently didn't, it got me thinking.
First, the world is cruel and unusual. I was trying to keep it OUT of my mind, which was really quite difficult as I happened to be holding a Final Fantasy I+II: Dawn of Souls guidebook and two copies of said game(kiraboo, want it? I'm going to return one to get 30 dollars as I got MY copy for 40 yet I just bought two for 8 bucks each, and I'm thinking either you or Max should have a copy for a present....), as well as been looking for anything interesting, read: Final Fantasy X or Final Fantasy X-2. Not only could I not find the game I was looking for OR a decently priced Nintendo DS(they didn't even have Nintendogs in either of the decent versions), I ended up seeing the one game I want to forget about existing right in my face. Laughing at me.
Second, Paul, my Runescape subscription is run out, and now I can't play. I KNOW logically I should still be able to, as it's a free game technically, but I just happened to last be playing in a member's only area. If I try to log onto a free server, it declares I must log in on a paid server. If I try to log in on a paid server, it declares I must be a paid member. Can you see my dilemmia? >> You've got your City of Heroes, I want my fantasy MMORPG.
Third, mom, Paul, I recall being told that if I wasn't using Runescape as a distraction(I wasn't, and would continue to only play on breaks if I COULD play), I could get World of Warcraft. This has not happened. Also, I am STILL owed the.... three years? worth of allowance, five dollars a week. You can either bring that back or stop being cheapskates about my free time. I'm already stressed enough, I require access to SOMETHING that helps somewhat.

On a completely different note, is anyone willing to help me with my webcomic? I got some decent stuff written out; however, I am really crappy at placing stuff with backrounds.
Tags: [game] final fantasy xi, these wounds they will not heal, video games, waaaaangst
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