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OKAY! Since Black and White leaked on Thursday, I've been reading through the game script! And noticing some things my Japanese wasn't good enough for, haha, and being reminded of others. So here are some of my thoughts! ... Also apologies for switching between English names and Japanese names; I'm using the ones I'm more comfortable with, and as far as the region goes, it's either Isshu or Unita.

- Volkner has been to Isshu! And has fought Shikimi!
- The Rocket grunt from Kanto in GSC/HGSS? The guy who talks about Team Rocket going bye-bye a go-go? Yeah, he's from Isshu and also he is married. Yeah. Yeah, I know.
- Bianca's father's an asshole. I do like that whenever he tries to get her to not go off on an adventure, Juniper or Elesa show up to yell at him, though. It seems to do a good job of punching the idea of women needing protection in the face.
-- It kind of amuses me that bodyguards come up a lot in reference to Bianca. Iris declares herself Bianca's bodyguard (TINY GIRL PROTECTING TEENAGER. YES. THAT IS NOT AT ALL BACKWARDS ignoring Iris's pet dragons), and Bianca declares herself Juniper's. I think their friendships are probably incredibly entertaining and it's a pity that you don't see that much of Iris and Bianca or Bianca and Juniper in the absence of other major characters. To be fair, you don't see that much of any particular two characters interacting by themselves or mostly by themselves. ... But I'm really interested in what's up with them in particular.
- There's a lot of version-specific text! Very little that's major, excepting Iris and Drayden's gym battle, but 'ideals' and 'truths' are switched frequently, and Iris mentions the dragon that matches the game colour first. Which unfortunately means "fire and lightning" versus "lightning and fire", so Iris's speech tends to be slightly stilted in Black.
- There's really no way N could've won against Black or White, is there. Reshiram's the dragon of truth, and N's goals are founded on half-truths; Zekrom's the dragon of ideals, and N's ideals are inconsistent. Reshiram and Zekrom were evenly matched when partnered with the two heroes, but the heroes were both right in their convictions.
-- N describes Reshiram as 'beautiful' and Zekrom as 'powerful'.
-- I much prefer the idea of N with Reshiram on a quest for truth than N with Zekrom on a quest to ... it doesn't work as well. Spread the ideals of pokémon and people living in harmony? It doesn't sound that good and it doesn't work that well in general; the protagonist seems to be a lot more idealistic than N regardless. N tries, but he doesn't seem like he's built lasting friendships with any pokémon, and humans are right out. There's just his dragon and that zorua he's shown with in the opening, and he only uses the zoroark in the castle.
-- N calls your name in different places depending on if his speech is on ideals or truth.
-- It's kind of funny that Iris is concerned about Reshiram and Zekrom destroying the world. But ... they destroyed Isshu when both of their heroes were right. N seems to understand that he and the protagonist aren't evenly matched in their devotion to the truth/their ideals, and so there would be a clear victor.
- I FIGURED OUT WHY FOREIGN POKÉMON ARE ALL OVER EAST ISSHU. See, drifblim is pretty much the only foreign species that is ALL OVER THE PLACE. They're in like four different routes and have a fairly high appearance rate. Clearly they're carrying everything else over. They're only in east Isshu because that's where the air currents take them. East Isshu's actually blocked off due to drifblim infestation; they stop the blockade when they realise that drifblim can fly.
Tags: [series] pokemon, because ___ is made of win, deredere (but where's the tsuntsun?), feminism?! in my video games?, foreign pokemon is my hobby, mystery plot of fushigi mystery
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