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I haven't posted in ages! Don't worry, though: I still exist! My brain's been eaten by Gensou Suikoden for a while, though. ♥ HEY, RPG NERDS. I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE. HAVE YOU PLAYED SUIKODEN AND IF NOT WHY NOT

Finally got around to actually playing V, and also played through II and am working on a second II file and my first IV playthrough whenever I remember. I also found a copy of Disgaea 2 recently! So I've also been playing that. (... Why is 'zam' the equivalent sentence ender they're using for 'de gozaru'? Wouldn't just having her use very polite speech to charge her chi work better? ... Ah well, maybe they wanted something along the lines of -ssu to dood, except saying dood at the end of a sentence sounds much better, dood.) ... And I've been puzzling at the Suikogaiden games and being very proud of myself whenever I understand something.

I am curious as to why english fandom seems to have a huuuuuge thing for III. The gameplay is way bad. Writing seems interesting! -- but uh. Gameplay. Way bad. Yeah. Wonder how many of the people who really really love III have played I, II, or V. The huge hate-on for IV I can get, though: the gameplay's pretty good but most of the stars of destiny are so creepy and the writing's a bit weak. On the plus side, it has a skip scene button in New Game+. The lack of skip scene is 95% of the reason I don't plan on replaying V anytime soon: I like the writing, and I like the characters, and I like the plot, but the voice acting is p-r-e-t-t-y bad and there are quite a few scenes I don't want to have to watch more than once.


Today I spent about an hour learning enough Scheme to write a script for GIMP! It's a fairly trivial script, but it's very useful for me, anyway. And I can now say I have used Scheme barely. Woo.


Irrelevantly, flyppc likes to inform me that I have 108 security updates I should apply. I just thought you should know.


More relevantly, gross, gnome-shell and Unity. Not sure whether I'm going to jump ship from Ubuntu to Kubuntu or to Xubuntu or to Bodhi on watakkoPC yet, though. I know I plan on switching either pinaPC or flyppc to Arch sometime in the not-distant future, though.
Tags: [series] disgaea, [series] gensou suikoden, cupholder not included, go forth and join my fandom, i am so completely awesome, i'd be a geek if i was cooler, let's talk about... i forgot, use these powers only for good!
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