surskitty (surskitty) wrote,

I haven't posted in forever! I'm perfectly fine. I think. There was an earthquake today! The devastation was terrifying.

But like, I have a question! It freaked out vernetarianist, and he's hard to freak out, so warning for what the fuck.

Viki: I have a random question of creepy that I assume you don't know the answer to but want to try anyway!
Verne: hmm?
Viki: Can carnations get dyed with bloooooooood? I have no idea why I asked this.
Verne: ... that's a good question o.o
Verne: gosh I wanna try this now
Viki: let me know of results
Verne: i need to find all the blood
Viki: ...
Viki: had worst thought
Viki: do you use menstrual cups
Tags: attention span of a ferret, does anyone actually read these, ew gross, help i'm being oppressed, i am so completely awesome, i am so confused, i'm just that awesome, inquiring minds want to know, ow that hurt in my /soul/, quest-giving npc, sometimes i think it doesn't like me, stupid chatlogs are stupid, that's just not right, that's not right, there is an excuse for this, use these powers only for good!, why am i posting this, why do i keep making more tags, why yes i did think this was funny
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