surskitty (surskitty) wrote,

I haven't posted in absolute ages because posting health updates is depressing when I don't also include things like my thoughts on the latest manga chapter or something, and I don't currently follow any frequently on-going series. :/ And definitely not any that my flist also follows. Only on-going thing I follow is PokéSpe and that I just talk to [personal profile] keltena about.

I got botox for my migraines about a week ago, which is interesting, but I think that's the only day-to-day highlight in the past while. My current classes (metalworking, intalgio, korean, digital illustration) are mostly interesting, which is good; I've been having a lot of bad health days for the past while, which is not.

Haven't been writing as much fiction as I'd like, but at least I've been drawing somewhat frequently.

I do check my lj flist a lot, though, and as usual dw nerds are on my rss feeds. I just don't comment much: anxiety still definitely is a thing. Blehhh. Message me on tumblr or on an IM thingy, I guess, maybe? daikonpan on tumblr and twitter; surskitty most everywhere else.
Tags: not sure why i'm posting this
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