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FFX is Cool

Well, [DM] came over earlier, and I played his FFX. It's cool!

Mind you, Yuna creeped me out briefly(I got up to the first save spot after you find Yuna, Lulu, and the Ronso, whatever his name is) with her voice acting, Auron is just scary, and Lulu's outfit.... O_O It's like, "Dude, get into typical black mage garb! Be... covered! BY THINGS OTHER THAN YOUR BELTS!"

Tidus is creepily silly. Mind you, he DID get thrust one thousand years into the future. But even so, that's pathetic. Does anyone have a swordstick I can borrow? I want to see if it'll go through his head.

Valefor's weird lookin'. Valefor looks like he/she/it is undead. Anyone else notice the ribs bursting through? I DECLARE THAT VALEFOR IS SOME SORT OF UNDEAD CREATURE!
Tags: [game] final fantasy x, check timestamps, video games, why yes i did think this was funny
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