surskitty (surskitty) wrote,

State of the Bug

I finally finished my TWEWY longfic, and I'm in the process of posting it. I'm still totally baffled by the idea of me being able to finish things? It's a 300k word longfic! And I was able to divide it into cohesive arcs and to actually wrap up pretty much everything I wanted from it! Revising it's an ass and a half, as these things always are, but if I uploaded the rest of the chapters right now, it'd all be stuff I'm proud of. Just stuff I'd be less proud of than I would if I punched it into shape more. Having a strict schedule for posting makes it a lot easier to edit, I gotta say.

Then, on the other end of things, I've also been working on a Pokémon Crystal romhack, tentatively called Crystalis, though I haven't fiddled with the title screen yet. Assembly's pretty weird to work with, but it's interesting. It does what you tell it to, nothing more or less. I've successfully done all the major things I wanted to with it -- E4 round two, encounter adjustments, trainer adjustments -- but I'm sure the project scope will grow in time, as these things always do.

Or possibly I'll simply end up hacking on gens 1 or 3 instead. Truly, what I'd like to do someday is fiddle around with BW2, but there aren't anywhere near the same resources and I have no idea where to start. It's important to me that I not break anything already included in the game, you know? Even the in-game Pokédex. With Crystalis, the single most difficult thing I did was work out how to get the Trainer House to be much more interesting in single-player without breaking it in the event of someone playing on a flashcart with real hardware.

It means I have to start small and keep my scope narrow, but I think practicing that will serve me well in the future. Certainly I should avoid falling into any more years-long fic projects, haha.
Tags: fandom: pokemon, fandom: squarenix, mine: romhacks, mine: writing
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