surskitty (surskitty) wrote,

openSUSE me

My laptop's keyboard controller's on the fritz, so I got a new laptop. Then that laptop kicked it within a few days, so I exchanged it for another laptop. Micro Center's customer support is good as always :) A decent experience swapping a dead laptop for store credit and getting a different one!

I'd been using Xubuntu for years, but with Ubuntu et al getting more and more invested in systemd and pulseaudio and other nonsense that I don't quite understand, I figured it was time for a switch and now I'm on openSUSE. It's high time I tried a distro on my main box that's not a *buntu. My old media desktop had Chakra on it, which is an arch offshoot, but that was a piece of shit both in hardware and distro choice, eesh.

I don't have many opinions on openSUSE so far, but I'm happy. I've finally seen Abort / Retry / Ignore in the wild and I appreciate being able to ignore not having a dependency. Installing Dropbox tried to install something related to nautilus that openSUSE can't find, but I don't even use Nautilus. I switched to Thunar even when I was on vanilla Ubuntu back in like 2010, because it's got intelligent file renaming capabilities in a GUI. It's honestly probably perfectly fine ignoring it.
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