surskitty (surskitty) wrote,

TWEWY canon observations

Tumblr's on fire, so I guess I'm archiving my old text posts?

Neku starts out not brave enough for pants, but he is brave enough to wear a tampon around his neck. He’s going to be very popular. He’s 15 and already knows to bring spare tampons everywhere he goes.

On my last playthrough, Neku still didn't have pants on W1D6. Don't ask me what Shiki took off of him.


If Joshua would be erased alongside Neku while they were partners, does that mean that there's a lot of universes where Progfox is the composer?


Beat gets three hoodies called Hey Boy, Hey Girl, and Hey Everybody, which all cost ¥18990. Beat's bisexual and bad at money and I will accept nothing less.

Hey Girl also takes the most bravery out of them all, which is appropriate, because nothing's scarier than when people think you're straight.


Hanekoma on W3D6: "Staying alive in this Shibuya boils down to one simple trick: Enjoy the moment with all your might… whether it’s gloomy, whether it’s bright!"

And with that wonderful message, he's leaving you ¥20000 and Joshua's house keys. There's a lot of enjoying-the-moment you could do with that, honestly. Foosball tournament. Disco foosball tournament. Drunken disco foosball tournament. The possibilities are endless.


If Kitaniji’s alone in Chez Sewer Bar and Lounge, why does he have three bottles of wine out? God, Kitaniji, you lush. There are kids in the room, you know! And your boss isn’t legal to drink, either.

He's also got a carton of cigarettes out, with a lighter and ashtray. Not to mention the foosball table.

And I don't know how I feel about the Final Remix soundtrack, but I fully believe Megumi listens to the new version of Satisfy. That is absolutely what he has playing on his sound system when Neku shows up. Neku lightning bolts the speakers because he did not suffer through three weeks of the Game to experience 80s elevator music.


Poor Joshua. He went on vacation for five days and his secretary turned everything into zombies. At least his fish and his foosball table are okay. That guy loves his fish.


As much as I love the art trope of Joshua picking up Neku's headphones postgame and wearing them (or berating Neku for littering), I kinda want him to wear both Neku's and Megumi's headphones. At the same time. He can be a crime against fashion.

The red one goes in the hat slot.


Minamimoto is not, and never would be, nonbinary. His gender is the one with the 1s and 0s in it.

One CAT, two CAT, red CAT, blue CAT.

Beating Ovis Cantus turns Yodai Higashizawa into a Heavenly Sheep.

Megumi has an hourglass figure. He's a Hip Snake.

Hanekoma's clothing line is found art.
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