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I now have no great grandpas. One of my relatives passed away yesterday, though I didn't exactly know him that well and he WAS around 95...

Also, for the stereotypical "angst-y teen", I am SO THOROUGHLY PISSED OFF.
Okay, first of all, I went to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History today, and was bored for most of it. I don't know about you, but there's only so many times I can look at a crystal and go "Ooooh! SHINY!" o-o Unfortunately, rather than be sane, they decided we'd... get there via Metro Center! YEAH! Rather than take Smithsonian! WHOOHOOO! An extra half-mile for meeeee... each way. Consider this: I am wearing boots which aren't designed for much walking. It is about 45 degrees Fahrenheit outside. AM I HAPPY?
So that was okay, though the food we all got was dripping with grease....
Then we went to the National Geographic headquarters(they removed the buffalo... 'twas a nice buffalo statue, if a bit... detailed....) and watched the thingy on the Jason expedition there. Unfortunately, DI's guyfriend decided to take the batteries to my flashlight, and he gave them back... supposedly. In reality, he was keeping one of the AAAs, and didn't give it back until about an hour and a half later. I thought I was just being ridiculous hating the guy before, now I think it's not just my opinion of her having a BF, it's that he's a butthead. >.>
Jeremy tried taking my flashlight.
When I got back at school, not only did this one guy try to keep me out of the school, as the doors automatically lock when you shut them, but mom ended up picking me up... an hour late. >>

Now, am I happy?
Tags: these wounds they will not heal
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