surskitty (surskitty) wrote,

Good Omens the eternal fandom

Given that Aziraphale has learning what the Internet is as a New Years Resolution, and he also had a computer by 1990 which he knew how to use very well, I propose Aziraphale the computer genius stuck sometime in the 80s. He can do just about anything on his Macintosh so long as it doesn’t require more than a megabyte of memory or a 40 MB hard drive. One day, he’ll upgrade, but for now he is very happy and has trouble understanding that Crowley can be holding a tiny phone with exponentially more power than his own computer. His computer isn’t that old.

Meanwhile Crowley isn’t sure how to turn his new phone off and on, and definitely has no idea why it crashes, but he’s very proud of it anyway.

(Aziraphale edited the logo on his computer to be unbitten. He never Fell.)
Tags: fandom: terry pratchett
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