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I think I have a cold. *sniffle* I've been sneezing lots and I have a nasty cough.

Last weekend, I went to OC with ~kiraboo and my dad and suchlike. I went ice skating, but I fell and hurt my leg. And then I passed out. It sucked.

I've been doodling all day in GIMP; currently, I've worked on a lineless moogle and my interpretation of my character in KoL in her previous incarnation as a Sauceror in the outfit I used most often due to adventure boosts. =] I was a level 11 Sauceror, female, named surskitty, until I defeated the NS and ascended into a Teetotaller Disco Bandit w/ Wave of Sauce.
Tags: [game] kingdom of loathing, ill: i know i'm shocked
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