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Sleepy surskitty gets sloppy

And uses all their energy for weeks on end doing prints! I'm not gonna show them off here, because they're Offline Identity Things, but damn, I am awesome at linocut and drypoint, even if I can't really handle multiple things at once. It's okay, though.

I've been cleaning up my room because I got this awesome rug, and I'm very happy with it >:O
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some days, fandom is outdoors

People rag on Pokémon Go a lot, but I gotta say, it's still making me happy and getting me outside on a regular basis to meet up with people from the internet for a low-investment bit of social interaction in parts of town I had no idea existed. Plus, it gets me walking around when I'm too preoccupied to care how much everything hurts.

Apparently I need to start packing snacks. Somebody brought cookies today and everyone was happy, so I guess Sunday raid meetups are potluck time. I caught an entei today!! 1903 CP.
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openSUSE me

My laptop's keyboard controller's on the fritz, so I got a new laptop. Then that laptop kicked it within a few days, so I exchanged it for another laptop. Micro Center's customer support is good as always :) A decent experience swapping a dead laptop for store credit and getting a different one!

I'd been using Xubuntu for years, but with Ubuntu et al getting more and more invested in systemd and pulseaudio and other nonsense that I don't quite understand, I figured it was time for a switch and now I'm on openSUSE. It's high time I tried a distro on my main box that's not a *buntu. My old media desktop had Chakra on it, which is an arch offshoot, but that was a piece of shit both in hardware and distro choice, eesh.

I don't have many opinions on openSUSE so far, but I'm happy. I've finally seen Abort / Retry / Ignore in the wild and I appreciate being able to ignore not having a dependency. Installing Dropbox tried to install something related to nautilus that openSUSE can't find, but I don't even use Nautilus. I switched to Thunar even when I was on vanilla Ubuntu back in like 2010, because it's got intelligent file renaming capabilities in a GUI. It's honestly probably perfectly fine ignoring it.
art is hard

State of the Bug

I finally finished my TWEWY longfic, and I'm in the process of posting it. I'm still totally baffled by the idea of me being able to finish things? It's a 300k word longfic! And I was able to divide it into cohesive arcs and to actually wrap up pretty much everything I wanted from it! Revising it's an ass and a half, as these things always are, but if I uploaded the rest of the chapters right now, it'd all be stuff I'm proud of. Just stuff I'd be less proud of than I would if I punched it into shape more. Having a strict schedule for posting makes it a lot easier to edit, I gotta say.

Then, on the other end of things, I've also been working on a Pokémon Crystal romhack, tentatively called Crystalis, though I haven't fiddled with the title screen yet. Assembly's pretty weird to work with, but it's interesting. It does what you tell it to, nothing more or less. I've successfully done all the major things I wanted to with it -- E4 round two, encounter adjustments, trainer adjustments -- but I'm sure the project scope will grow in time, as these things always do.

Or possibly I'll simply end up hacking on gens 1 or 3 instead. Truly, what I'd like to do someday is fiddle around with BW2, but there aren't anywhere near the same resources and I have no idea where to start. It's important to me that I not break anything already included in the game, you know? Even the in-game Pokédex. With Crystalis, the single most difficult thing I did was work out how to get the Trainer House to be much more interesting in single-player without breaking it in the event of someone playing on a flashcart with real hardware.

It means I have to start small and keep my scope narrow, but I think practicing that will serve me well in the future. Certainly I should avoid falling into any more years-long fic projects, haha.
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(no subject)

Geez, I really don't post often, huh? ursulav's on a book tour, and I went and saw her yesterday! She talked about fairy tales, and got the kids to help work out a retelling of the princess and the frog. It ended up being the Malaria Researcher and the Mosquito. I ... I would not like to be the prince who swatted a fairy and ended up cursed into a mosquito. It's definitely an evocative image, though. I've been replaying Pikmin 2 the past few days, plus I just got Pikmin 3, and damn does Pikmin 3 have an incredible aesthetic. The control scheme in 3's a bit of a downgrade, but it's a beautiful game and the gameplay mechanics are neat. Just way off in a different direction than where 2 went, but that's okay: I got Pikmin 2 to be Pikmin 2.
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Antidepressants are an incredible thing.

Over the past year -- pretty much exactly a year, in fact -- I've apparently written 262k words of fic, at least 230k of which are solid, postable bits of TWEWY fic. Before that, I'd never written more than 1k continuous words of anything. I'm ... impressed isn't strong enough, but I don't know what is.

It's not even like the antidepressants really make me less depressed, but I'm capable of having an attention span? I can't express how valuable that is. I'm just.


262k!! And a 150k fanfic that's got like half a chapter left before it's done, though I'm currently 3k into something I'd like to get done for Halloween. Ehehehe. Still, that'll probably be done within the next week or two, even considering that I need to do another pass of edits before posting. (Nothing too major, I don't think, but I need more foreshadowing in at least one scene.)
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Good morning, LJ, and I'm surskitty and these are your morning announcements. I'm a moderately-flaky lurker of many things fandom, and if I just added you, that's probably because I find something in your blog interesting! ... Or possibly because I'm a fish. It's a mystery.

I usually tag my entries, though rarely usefully for people not-me, and the majority of my posts are one-liners that would probably make more sense on Twitter. So yes!

I occasionally add fic I like to memories; we'll see how long that lasts. Fic I post goes either in erraticmargins or on AO3; I do not, however, mirror things because I am a special snowflake.

I EDIT STUFF FOR MY ICONS AND WILL DO IT BY REQUEST. I also sometimes add some icons to my LJ scrapbook but LJ is a bum who does not usually let me log onto scrapbook, so only sometimes.

ARTWORK GOES HERE and I apologize for gratuitous Pokémon forum post but at least it's all in one place. UNLIKE SOME THINGS . . .

I have a dreamwidth, though I do not believe in crossposting! Different things get posted between them; you will just have to deal. This one's more daily life sort of thing; that one's anything my mum wouldn't care about.
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(no subject)

I haven't posted in ages due to a variety of reasons, among which that I've been mainly using Tumblr. Not dead; not totally vanished off the internet; just haven't been doing actual blogging.
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(no subject)

I haven't posted in absolute ages because posting health updates is depressing when I don't also include things like my thoughts on the latest manga chapter or something, and I don't currently follow any frequently on-going series. :/ And definitely not any that my flist also follows. Only on-going thing I follow is PokéSpe and that I just talk to [personal profile] keltena about.

I got botox for my migraines about a week ago, which is interesting, but I think that's the only day-to-day highlight in the past while. My current classes (metalworking, intalgio, korean, digital illustration) are mostly interesting, which is good; I've been having a lot of bad health days for the past while, which is not.

Haven't been writing as much fiction as I'd like, but at least I've been drawing somewhat frequently.

I do check my lj flist a lot, though, and as usual dw nerds are on my rss feeds. I just don't comment much: anxiety still definitely is a thing. Blehhh. Message me on tumblr or on an IM thingy, I guess, maybe? daikonpan on tumblr and twitter; surskitty most everywhere else.